7 Reasons To Buy A Women’s Bicycle


7 Reasons To Buy A Women’s Bicycle

7 Reasons To Buy A Women’s Bicycle

Lately, there have been more and more people giving up their cars and hitting the pavement on their bike. While bicycle riders may seem to be predominately male, female riders are increasingly joining the Dublin streets on their own bikes. After all, with all the benefits that bike riding has, why wouldn’t you ride a bike?

Here are 7 reasons to buy a women’s bicycle right now:

1.    Government incentive

Dublin’s Cycle to Work scheme is offered through certain employers and provides a benefit to employees who ride their bikes to and from work. The scheme allows participating employers to pay for the bicycles and bicycle equipment that employees can use and then pay back over a period of up to 12 months. The employee does not have to pay any tax in their repayments. This scheme covers the purchase of new bikes or peddles, cycle helmets, bells and horns, lights, mirrors, mudguards, locks, chains, pumps, puncture kits, cycle clips, dress guards and reflective clothing. This is an extremely cost effective way to purchase a bike since it will save you taxes and can be paid over a period of time without interest. Popular bike shops like BikesOrBicycles.com sell discounted second-hand bicycle too.

2.    Environmental

There is no other way to say it: cars are bad for the environment. When gasoline that a car uses burns, its fumes are omitted into the environment. These fumes then contribute to pollution which decreases the quality of the air, land and water around Dublin. These fumes are also contributing to the thinning of the ozone layer and global warming. You may think that one car off the road doesn’t make a difference, but considering that Dublin alone has tens of thousands of cars on the road, every car driver converted to bike rider can make a difference together. A better option than driving a car is to use public transportation such as a bus or train; however, fumes still are omitted. Although you don’t have the sense of freedom on public transportation as you would on a bike or any of the other benefits.

3.    Exercise

Whether you believe it or not, every time you ride your bike you are also exercising your body. When you ride your bike, you are moving your entire body. Your arms are steering the handle bar, your legs are moving the wheels and your back and abdominal core muscles are keeping you upright. This is a great way to get some cardio exercise while also strengthening your muscles. If you want a really good workout, all you need to do is pedal faster or ride uphill. However, even a leisurely bike ride will burn some calories and help tone your body.

4.    Connect with Nature

The Earth is here for us to enjoy; however, we spend so little time enjoying it. Think about it this way: you wake up in the morning inside your house, get ready, get into your car and then drive to work. You spend all day inside at work just to get back into your home for the rest of day. If you having a garage at home and use a parking deck at work, you may go most days without breathing any fresh air! Imagine leaving your home in the morning, riding your bike and enjoying the morning sun shine on you on your way to work. Then after a long day at work, you get back on your bike and enjoy the breeze all the way home. Fresh air is always a better option than a stuffy car.

5.    Gain a Hobby

When it comes down to it, riding a bike is simply enjoyable. Getting your body moving and riding to different places gives you something fun to do. This fun activity also happens to be completely free and good for your body. When you compare it to other hobbies, you can see why bike riding has the edge. For example, if you collect things as a hobby, you are likely just sitting in your house and probably spent money on whatever you are collecting. With biking riding, you can get out of your house for a while without spending a dime.

6.    Save Money

When you compare the costs between driving a bicycle and driving a car, the difference is astonishing. First, a car can cost over 75 times more money to purchase than a bicycle will cost. You will also have to pay money to insure and register your car to be driven in Dublin. With a bicycle, there are no insurance or registration needed. With a car, you will have to fill it up with gas on a regular basis, while no gas is needed to ride a bike. Maintenance costs are much more plentiful and expense for a car then they are for bikes. Also, if there is damage done, car repairs will be much more expensive than bike repairs. In fact, it would be cheaper to buy an entirely new bike rather than pay for many car repairs.

7.    Avoid Traffic

If you have ever driven in downtown Dublin, you know that traffic can be a mess. Sitting in snarled, back to back traffic can not only make you late for work and appointments, but it can also put you in a bad mood. The stop and go of traffic is incredibly annoying, especially when you have some place to be. If you easily get car sick, the jarring motions are more than enough to make you sick. If you are riding your bicycle, you can avoid all of the car traffic, the frustration and the car sickness. In fact, you will even get a boost in spirits as you ride past everyone else who is stuck in traffic!

When you consider all 7 of these benefits, you should be ready to purchase your own women’s bicycle right away. The fact that this one purchase can save you a great deal of money, frustration and even weight, while allowing you to enjoy nature and do your part in helping the environment should be more than enough incentive for anyone.

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