How to Improve Your Performance with the Clock of Success


Improve Your Performance with the Clock of Success

Improve Your Performance with the Clock of Success

Which quandrant are you in the clock of success?

Have you ever heard of the clock of success? I attended a Dale Carnegie class and we learned about the cycle of performance improvement. I like to call it the clock of success which is useful especially for those with home businesses or network marketing businesses.

The Carnegie instructor used a clock for the illustration and divided it into four quadrants.  These four quadrants are the cycles the average person goes through to reach optimum performance.

Clock of Success: Quadrant 1
The first quadrant in the clock of success is from 12:00 till 3:00 and this is the ATTITUDE quadrant. This is crucial for building the foundation of a solid business. Think of the attitude piece as realizing:

1.       Something needs to be done

2.       I am able to do something about it

3.       I want to do something about it

4.       I am determined to do something about it.

Without a good attitude and determination, nothing will happen.

Clock of Success: Quadrant 2
The second quadrant is from 3:00 to 6:00 and this is the KNOWLEDGE quadrant. This is where you are working on your business by collecting information – learning about the products and the company. You can learn from books, the internet, training events, and your upline. You can go thru your company’s training and listen to webinars, conference calls, and meetings. The learning curve is often steep at first but even once you know a lot about your company, you still need to keep learning.

Clock of Success: Quadrant 3
6:00 to 9:00, the third quadrant in the clock of success is PRACTICE. Now you are moving from knowledge to implementation. You want to put into practice all that you have been learning. Don’t fall into the trap of wanting to know everything before you get started. Just get started! All the super stars began with 0 sales and 0 team members. As you practice, you will find that habits develop.

Clock of Success: Quadrant 4
And with those habits come SKILL and that is fourth quadrant – from 9 till 12:00. As you keep practicing, skill results. With skill comes a breakthrough. The key is consistency. Keep practicing with consistency – don’t  get discouraged when everyone doesn’t come on board with you or when you hear a lot of naysayers or doom-predictors. You just keep pressing on.

Here is the funny thing – as skill improves, the fourth quadrant, your attitude gets even better. As your attitude gets better, you want to learn more. As you learn more, you are willing to practice in natural life settings – not just when you schedule time to work your business. And as you practice, your skill takes quantum leaps.

Now take a look at the four quadrants. Where would you put yourself right now? The big problem that often occurs in a network marketing business is that we get stuck at 6:00. We spend a lot of time on learning and then we get another great book or get on the list of another great internet marketer or we sign up for another super duper webinar that is sure to break things wide open for us and guess what? We don’t start practicing!

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